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Making a dynamic,
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Roughly one third of our students
receive financial assistance.

We want to make it possible for every family to attend the Rock Academy. That’s why we provide tuition that is tailored to each individual family, based on their income and needs. No matter what socio-economic or financial background you come from, we want to make our Christian whole-person education accessible to you and your child.

How to Apply

You may apply for a Tailored Tuition plan online at FACTS Grant and Aid beginning January 1 for the following school year. Note: Tailored tuition is for grades K – 12 only, and not available for students in the Early Education program. There is a nominal fee per application payable to FACTS. Please allow a standard two-week processing time once all applications and applicable tax documents have been submitted. Only verified applications are able to be considered for the Tailored Tuition program. You will receive an email from the Rock Academy once the Financial Aid Committee reviews your application package.

As a part of the tuition assistance committee, it is rewarding to get to know the families we have the privilege to partner with through tailored tuition. We are so blessed to support families that are willing to make Christian education a priority. Our families on tailored tuition would not be here without this partnership.

Janelle Luz Academy Controller

My child would have never been able to attend The Rock Academy without the tuition assistance we receive. Since starting at the school my child has grown in many ways: educational, emotional, physical and spiritual. The teachers and staff are so kind and supportive- every child who attends this school knows that they are important and loved. We are truly blessed for the opportunity to be a part of the Rock Academy.

Elementary Parent

I am EXTREMELY grateful for the Rock Academy. There was a time where things changed in our family dynamic and I was no longer able to afford the cost of tuition. I am so so thankful for the financial aid that supports families like mine. The Rock is more than a school where kids meet their education needs and build their foundation in Christ. It is a community that truly cares about you as a person and your family as a unit.


I watched my daughter bloom spiritually, academically, & emotionally as her teachers poured into her daily through teaching, wise counsel, & prayer. This was possible through the tuition assistance that was provided to us. I believe it is important to set my child on the right path surrounded by people who will help her to make right choices. I thank God for the assistance that allows my daughter to be attend this excellent school.

High School Parent


Applications for Tailored Tuition are considered on a rolling basis and can be submitted with a completed application for admission any time of year. In most cases, the school is able to communicate the Tailored Tuition award within two weeks after a prospective family submits the Tailored Tuition application and supporting documents to our third-party vendor. Families who are a part of the Tailored Tuition program need to reapply each year, and their applications are re-evaluated based on their family’s continued need, while yearly awards are dispersed based on availability of tuition assistance funds.

Tailored Tuition is a need-based tuition assistance program similar to those used by many private schools, colleges, and universities. Families apply for a reduced tuition rate that fits their income level. This makes it possible for some families to afford a Rock Academy education who would otherwise not be able to do so. The Rock Academy uses the financial analysis of FACTS Grant and Aid, an unbiased third party, to determine need. Facts Grant and Aid requires parents to complete an online or paper analysis statement annually. All supporting documents must be completed and submitted to and verified by FACTS before any application will be reviewed.

Tuition assistance only applies to a portion of the tuition. Tuition assistance does not cover registration, uniforms, or any other additional fees.

All financial information is held in complete confidence.

Any family who is unable to afford the Rock Academy without additional support is encouraged to apply. Applying for Tailored Tuition does not affect the admission or re-enrollment process.

Yes. There is a small fee paid to FACTS, our third-party vendor.

A link to the Tailored Tuition application is available here. Applications are submitted directly to FACTS, our third-party vendor, who evaluates the application and makes a recommendation to the Tailored Tuition committee. The school will notify each family that applies generally within two weeks of the time the application and supporting materials are submitted to FACTS.

Unfortunately, no. However, it is a high priority for us so we dedicate a portion of the budget and annual fundraising to make the school accessible to as many students and families as possible.

No. Families should apply only if they are not able to pay if Tailored Tuition is needed in order for their children to attend the school.

Yes. A new application must be submitted every year.

Yes. For new students, application to the Rock Academy and application for Tailored Tuition are two separate processes. However, new families may complete both application processes simultaneously.

This ranges widely. The process looks at income, assets, unusual expenses, and number of children.

Only in exceeding rare circumstances. Providing children with a Christian education is a choice parents make, and every family is required to make a financial investment in their child’s education. We offer Tailored Tuition to help make it possible for some families with varying income levels to attend the school. The amount of awards varies according to the financial resources of each family. However, the Rock Academy typically does not award more than 50 percent of the tuition to any student. While the Rock Academy tries to provide as much assistance as possible, the school is limited in its tuition assistance resources. There is an appeal process for more aid from fundraised dollars above 50 percent for qualifying circumstances and based on availability.

Questions about Tailored Tuition should be directed to:
Janelle Luz, Director of Academy Finance

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