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Your child has a unique set of gifts to be cultivated and grown. At the Rock Academy, we celebrate each student who is a part of our diverse, inclusive community. Through our whole-student approach to education, we will ensure your child is known and loved, and equipped to reach their full potential.

Welcoming students in grades K-12, and 12 months – Junior Kindergarten in our Early Education Center.

From preschool to high school graduation, students at the Rock Academy develop academically, emotionally, and spiritually in an inclusive, faith-filled, leadership-focused community.

The Rock Academy prides
itself on being truly reflective
of the community we serve:

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    Ethnically Diverse

    Our student population roughly matches that of San Diego.

  • 2

    Social-Economically Diverse

    Our tuition plans are tailored to each family’s budget, and roughly 1/3 of our families receive needs-based tuition assistance.

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    Academically Diverse

    We set the bar high. Our rigorous, college preparatory program also offers individualized academic support plans for students who have learning differences. Our goal is to help all learners develop into all that God has designed them to be.

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Our student-teacher ratio is 9:1. Because of this, our teachers have the opportunity to truly know and understand each child, allowing them to build lasting relationships and help develop each child’s gifts and abilities fully.

Applying to the Rock Academy is a simple process, and we are here to walk you through each easy step. Start your application today! If you have any questions, we would be happy to speak with you. Please give us a call at (619) 764-5131.

The Rock Academy provides a challenging academic program which trains students to be deep thinkers, dynamic communicators, and do-something Christians. Our program is not rigorous for the sake of rigor, though. The students, faculty, and staff delight in the joy of learning! We hold high expectations of both our students and faculty, coupled with a community of grace and acceptance where students are known and loved for who they are.

Yes. The Rock Academy Educational Support Program specializes in the creation of individualized academic support plans for students in grades K-12 who are challenged with mild learning difficulties. Students’ in the Program benefit from a personalized combination of classroom, small group, and one-on-one instruction. Students are taught through a multi-modality learning environment supplemented with strategies designed to meet their specific academic learning needs. Learn more.

Yes. For grades K-6, we offer after-school care until 6 p.m. for a small additional fee. Our after-school program is intentionally designed with outdoor activities, engaging games, and learning support.

Although giving your child the gift of a Christian education can be costly, we believe it is a lasting investment worth making. With that in mind, we understand not all families can afford tuition. Our hope is to partner with you to make becoming a part of the Rock Academy community a possibility. We encourage families with financial concerns to apply for our Tailored Tuition program.

It is our hope to help families that desire a Christian education for their children. Tailored Tuition is a program designed to help tailor your child’s tuition to meet your financial needs. Students at the Rock Academy pay a range of tuition based on each family’s unique circumstances. The Tailored Tuition application is separate from our enrollment application. Once a family has been accepted into the school, the family may choose to apply for Tailored Tuition.

We believe that co-curricular enrichment is a necessary part of a well-rounded education. Elementary students have the opportunity to participate in school-wide drama productions, and grades 4-6 can play on one of our athletic teams that compete against other schools. In the middle school and high school, there are a plethora or artistic opportunities and athletic teams. 90% of or 7 -12 grade students participate in athletics, or in a visual/performing arts activity. Learn more on our Student Life page.

While the Rock Academy is a Christian school, not everyone who attends our school is a Christian. Biblical beliefs and a Biblical worldview are interwoven throughout all subject areas, and all faculty and staff profess the Christian faith. We don’t ask all families to acknowledge the Christian faith, but we do ask them to support and respect the teachings we hold dear at our school.

The heart of a child is just as important to us as the mind of a child. Through compassionate, restorative discipline, we seek to shape each child’s character in a way that honors and respects others and recognizes Christ as the authority of all. We acknowledge the need for the power and work of the Holy Spirit in this process. Through prayer, discipleship, and clear expectations, we seek to help each child grow to serve humbly and lead wisely.

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