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We provide a dynamic & loving environment where your child will flourish

Our teachers and staff are passionate about their calling. Using a whole-child approach, they will partner with you to support your student’s academic success, social development, and growth in their faith. We integrate biblical truth throughout our curriculum as students experience the beauty of language arts, examine the depths of history, engage in the rigor of physical education, and explore the wonders of science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM).

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The Rock Academy prides itself on being truly reflective of the community we serve:

Literacy and Language Arts

Students in our elementary school begin to discover the love of reading, the components of writing, and the power of developing good communication skills. Our goal is to create dynamic communicators who will be confident in all facets of the language arts.

Social Studies and History

Our students develop an understanding of God’s purpose in the world as they study history and examine different cultures. Students learn about the prominent historical figures and key events that have helped shape the world they live in.

Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math (STEAM)

The elementary Colaboratory is a place where creativity and exploration skills are honed. This is not book learning, it’s hands-on learning! To complement classroom instruction, the Colaboratory ignites student curiosity, fosters inquiry, encourages dialogue, and promotes critical thinking.


In Kindergarten we are developing and discovering ways to step out on our educational journey of lifelong learning. Our classroom is a safe and welcoming place to explore, investigate, and opens the way for challenging each student academically, spiritually, socially, emotionally, and physically. We are growing in our understanding of how to communicate our ideas, listen respectfully to others, and respond with kindness. Each child is a valued part of our team as we look to our Creator who inspires us with unique giftedness to be creative and productive in our class and in the world.

  • Our weekly scripture verses encourage the heartbeat of God’s love for us and how we love others.
  • Our small group rotations in Math, Phonics, Reading, and Writing spark curiosity as well as confidence in working through problem solving strategies and daily concepts.
  • Our classroom is filled with music and movement which empowers us to retain wisdom from our Bible verses, Phonics, and Math lessons.

Please use this guide to determine if your child is ready for Kindergarten.
Kindergarten Ready   

1st Grade

The primary goal of first grade is to develop skilled and enthusiastic readers and writers. Students learn to read fluently through a curriculum that has a strong foundation in phonics. Building these skills independently, with partners and during small group guided reading sessions with the teacher will allow students to read with more fluency and will guide them to use phonetics to sound out words, which will increase their confidence in their writing.

First graders will use the Readers Workshop Model which exposes students to real world and applicable reading strategies. First by viewing the teacher complete a mini lesson then getting a chance to practice the skills and ideas they just observed with their reading partner. Students will learn to see themselves as authors, readers, illustrators, artists, mathematicians, geographers and so much more throughout the school year.

During this year of exploration and discovery, first graders also develop a mathematical number sense an understanding of God’s purposeful design in science and an appreciation of the culture in the world around them.

First graders will be trained in Christ-like character traits helping them treat others in a respectful, loving way. Students will learn that God has uniquely gifted each one of them and that we are to use our gifts to glorify Him. Through the writing workshop model, first graders will use deep thinking to brainstorm what we will write regarding these biblical character traits, encourage dynamic communication during share out, and write about ways we can be do something Christians.


2nd Grade

Second grade is known as a transitional year at the Rock Academy. The gradual increase of responsibility onto the students, as they begin to take ownership for their own learning and behavior, helps build individual self-confidence as well as classroom unity, and prepares them for upper elementary.

Second grade builds on the foundational literacy skills learned in first grade. In second grade, more emphasis is placed on oral reading fluency and expression, vocabulary development and strong comprehension and critical thinking skills.

Writing skills are developed through a variety of writing assignments and genres, each designed to teach students how to organize ideas and information ranging from single sentences and paragraphs, poems, and letters to eventually multiple paragraph essays and written reports they will be presenting. Writing in second grade introduces the formal Writing Process. Finished products primarily focus on writing mechanics, spelling, grammar and conventions, and are often enhanced with creative art projects.

Second grade math begins with review of the basic concepts introduced in first grade. Addition and subtraction math fact memorization is emphasized in preparation for more advanced math skills in the upper grades. Students move from the concrete and symbolic levels to reasoning and problem solving in preparation for third grade math.
In addition to weekly science activities in our new CoLab, 2nd graders participate in weekly science experiments in the classroom as they discover earth science through scientific literacy with a Biblical worldview.

Students explore their God-given creativity through chapel presentations, and other classroom activities. They learn a variety of art techniques and participate in weekly art projects.

The classroom environment stresses humility and consideration of others, helpfulness, kindness and cooperation, reinforced by regular Bible study and memorization. Infused throughout the year, students regularly take part in discussions and activities centered on a Christian worldview such as character development, making healthy choices, relationship skills, patriotism and honor.

3rd Grade

Students learn to be independent, organized, and responsible. They are encouraged to take ownership of their education through inquiry, discussion, and reflection. Reading skills are developed through small group, whole group, and independent reading. The goal of using multiple reading strategies is to achieve growth in the areas of fluency, comprehension, and oral reading. Writing skills are developed as students use graphic organizers to map ideas as they develop 3-5 paragraph stories. Third grade published works will model grade appropriate writing mechanics and conventions. In Math, Students will continue to grow in the area of computation and reasoning, with a strong focus on multiplication. Third grade students will produce the above skills in a classroom environment that cultivates respect, a love for each other, and a living and active relationship with God.

4th Grade

Fourth grade is a transition year that requires students to develop stamina.  We read to gather information, we write to teach and we use Math and Science to explore patterns, solve problems and support our Faith.  We use a variety of resources including BJU press text books and McGraw-Hill Mathematics to meet the Curriculum standards for this grade.

In Fourth Grade we strive to become:

Deep Thinkers who

  • Make the switch from learning to read to reading to learn
  • Use Text Evidence to support answers
  • Solve problems multi – step problems – and demonstrate perseverance when doing so
  • Filter our study of California History through the lens of God’s word

Dynamic Communicators who

  • Retell stories with accuracy and apply information
  • Craft written answers that are rich in detail and add description
  • Explain how they solved problems and why a solution works
  • Express opinions about our past that reflect a Christian world view

“Do Something” Christians who

  • Make connection between their learning and their world that allow them to impact their communities
  • Interact with ideas and opinion respectfully – and are able to compassionately share their faith
  • Find solutions to real world problems
  • Look to heal hurts and repair relationships by living out their faith by serving other through service projects

5th Grade

5th grade is an exciting year for students where they are developing and utilizing critical thinking, discussing and forming independent opinions on big concepts such as God, one’s purpose, identity, as well as are becoming self-aware of and refining their character through the Holy Spirit. The P.R.I.D.E. acronym: Professionalism, Respect, Integrity, Dedication, and Excellence, is our student’s baseline from which to draw upon how to conduct themselves in and out of school ingraining these traits to become second nature.

The core subjects of math and the language arts is blended into real-world application throughout the year where students are enlightened into how these disciplines are a part of everyday life. Students are challenged to think “outside of the box,” learn to work effectively in groups, build consistency and develop self-motivation through positive reinforcement and goal-setting. Concepts such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division, and their basic subsets are meant to be mastered. In language there is a three-fold focus of students honing their skills to write properly, creatively, and be able to express their work orally. In addition to mathematics and language arts, students learn about the “New World” in history, have a myriad of hands-on science and engineering projects, and get to go on quarterly coastline explorations learning to appreciate God’s creation in and out of the ocean.


6th Grade

Sixth grade is a special transition from elementary school to middle school. Students continue to develop as independent learners and critical thinkers through inquiry, discussion, and reflection. Students continue to use writing styles that vary according to purpose (i.e. persuasive essays, research reports, and personal narratives). Students explore and discuss different literary genres (fantasy, science fiction, poetry) and use their reading skills to understand nonfiction reading, particularly in the content areas of science and history. Students will be able to effectively and efficiently solve grade appropriate mathematical problems as they see real-world applications to the math concepts taught. Students will be challenged to take responsibility and ownership of their academic, social, and spiritual life in sixth grade. They will be encouraged to act as servant leaders and teach others to do the same.


Performing Arts

Our Elementary Performing Arts Course provides students with an introduction to the world of theater, music and movement. Students will learn beginning skills in drama including acting technique, characterization, beginning improvisation, rehearsal techniques, and audition and callback techniques. Students will also work on vocal skills by learning to warm up, pitch match, and sing correctly to protect their voices. Students will learn different styles of songs including Broadway, modern, worship and songs from the past. Students will also learn basic music theory through the use of percussion instruments, boom whackers, hand bells, and recorders (Grade Four). Finally, students will culminate their knowledge in this course through different performance opportunities such as our annual Christmas Musical, Spring Musical and other performance opportunities.


Physical Education

Rock Academy physical education is a leadership program with a foremost focus of leading students into a closer relationship with Jesus Christ. We individualize physical education to arm our students with the tools to honor God with our physical being while simultaneously preparing our young Warriors to compete at the highest level possible.



STEAM  is an interdisciplinary (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) course designed to engage students in real world, hands-on, collaborative learning.

Throughout the course of the school year students will be immersed in an exploratory learning environment where they will gain further depth of knowledge in academics while building a core set of life skills. Students will perpetually engage in self-evaluation where they will reflect upon their progress, points of interest, experiences, and talents, which can help guide the student when picking courses of study, or career interests later in life.


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A Parents dream is to hear that their child "Loves their School!" our daughter has never flourished like she has in the year that she had been at the Rock Academy. She transferred into the rock in 6th Grade very easily and her teachers truly know her and understand her on an individual basis. Choosing to go to the rock has been a great choice for out family.

Steve & Nicole Harris

The Rock Academy blesses our family in many ways. Having our children learn and thrive in Faith, Academics, and Christian service, in a safe loving environment, prepares them to enter the world with clarity of who they are in Christ, and equipped with a rock-solid foundation. This, along with the Professional & Loving teachers, administrators, and staff make the Rock Academy an abundant blessing from God.

Chris and Kristi Lee

The Rock Academy is not just a school but a community filled with servant hearts whose goal is to rise up intelligent adults who will hold the gifts of spiritual awareness and emotional intelligence. This community includes administrators, teachers and parents in collaboration with one another. It is a safe place where children can enter and really tap into what god created them to be!

Amy Carpenter


What is the Rock Academy’s student-teacher ratio?

Our student-teacher ratio is 14:1. Because of this, our teachers have the opportunity to truly know and understand each child, allowing them to build lasting relationships and help develop each child’s gifts and abilities fully.

What is the average class size?

The average class size at the academy is 17.

How rigorous are the academic standards at the Rock Academy?

The Rock Academy provides a challenging academic program which trains students to be deep thinkers, dynamic communicators, and do-something Christians. Our program is not rigorous for the sake of rigor, though. The students, faculty, and staff delight in the joy of learning! We hold high expectations of both our students and faculty, coupled with a community of grace and acceptance where students are known and loved for who they are.

Do you accept students with learning needs?

Yes. The Rock Academy Educational Support Program specializes in the creation of individualized academic support plans for students in grades K-12 who are challenged with mild learning difficulties. Students’ in the Program benefit from a personalized combination of classroom, small group, and one-on-one instruction. Students are taught through a multi-modality learning environment supplemented with strategies designed to meet their specific academic learning needs. Learn more.

How diverse is the student body?

The Rock Academy prides itself on being truly reflective of the community we serve:

  • Ethnically Diverse: Our student population roughly matches that of San Diego.
  • Social-Economically Diverse: Our tuition plans are tailored to each family’s budget, and roughly 1/3 of our families receive needs-based tuition assistance.
  • Academically Diverse: We set the bar high! While rigorous and college preparatory, our program also offers individualized academic support plans for students who are challenged with mild to moderate learning difficulties.

What extracurricular opportunities are offered?

We believe that co-curricular enrichment is a necessary part of a well-rounded education. Elementary students have the opportunity to participate in school-wide drama productions, and grades 4-6 can play on one of our athletic teams that compete against other schools. In the middle school and high school, there are a plethora or artistic opportunities and athletic teams. 90% of or 7 -12 grade students participate in athletics, or in a visual/performing arts activity. Learn more on our Student Life page.

Is there a uniform policy?

Yes. Students at the Rock Academy wear a comfortable uniform that consists of shorts, pants, skirts, polo shirts and jackets. Uniforms reduce clothing-related peer pressure, creates uniformity between socioeconomic classes, and tend to cost less than traditional youth clothing.

Do you have after-school care?

Yes. For grades K-6, we offer after-school care until 5:30 p.m. for a small additional fee. Our after-school program is intentionally designed with outdoor activities, engaging games, and learning support.