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Nurturing and equipping
the leaders of tomorrow.

At the Rock Academy, we engage and care for 21st century learners and develop tomorrow’s Christian leaders. We combine an enriching academic environment with a vibrant spiritual experience in a warm, diverse, loving community. By growing students academically, emotionally, and spiritually, we prepare them to make a difference in this world for good. This whole-person, reimagined approach to education gives our students a solid foundation upon which to build their lives and serve communities around the world.

We empower our students to find their identity in God.

We encourage each child to discover their individual, unique strengths and find their identity as a child of God. As they grow into who He created them to be, we help each student share their gifts with our broader community as well, and together, we learn from one another and strengthen in diversity.

We take a reimagined educational approach.

Our whole-person educational approach focuses not only on what your child will study, but who they will become. Our student-centered environment allows for students to have a hand in their own educational journey, equipping them to be confident, proactive learners who are prepared for the future.

We provide your child with a personalized school environment.

Each child deserves individual attention and care. That’s why we have small classroom sizes and student to teacher ratios, as well as customized learning solutions from compassionate, faithful teachers who truly care.

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