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Friends, and
Learning for ages 5-14!

Our summer camps have it all: sports, science, cooking, and adventure. Your child will deepen friendships and create new ones, engage in many high-energy activities, and have a blast as they continue learning and growing outside of the school year. Our camps provide a safe and fun learning environment for students to enjoy an exciting time of adventure, physical activity, and connection. Take advantage of this unique opportunity this summer!

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Rock Academy
camps offer:

Safe and fun learning environment!

A wide variety of day-camps for children ages 5-14 including sports, science, arts and adventure!

Programs designed to develop the physical, emotional, spiritual, and social needs of each participant.

Direct supervision with qualified, trained staff.

Daily and weekly options available.

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Rock Academy Camps offers extraordinary experience through our sports camps, science camps, visual and performing arts camps, and our adventure camps, which explore different places of interest in San Diego.

The best value is to register for the entire 2 week session, but many camps have the option to register for one week, or for a daily rate.

Our camps are designed for children ages 5-12. It is recommended that a child that participates in camp that is age 5 has completed kindergarten. Children that are age 12 and entering 7th grade are eligible to register for our camps.

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