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How to Apply

Step One: Apply

Complete the online K-12 application and submit the application fee.

Step Two: Test

Complete the academy placement testing.

Step Three: Interview

Complete the family interview.

Fill out

the “Academy Request Information” form .

The preschool

will call you to set up a tour of the facility.

At the end of the tour

the administration team will inform the family of the status of availability in their child’s particular age group. Depending on the status, the family will be informed to either proceed forward to New Student Enrollment or wait for an opening in the class requested.

We are happy to help.

At the Rock Academy, your child will thrive. Begin your family’s journey with us today. If you have questions about our school program or need help with the application process, we are here to walk you through each step of the way. Please feel free to email us at or call 619.764.5200

Dates to Remember

Applications for the coming school year are available beginning November 1.
For priority enrollment consideration, please submit your application by February 1.


We are happy to walk alongside you through the admissions process. This simple process is typically smooth and timely. Once an application has been submitted, our office staff will reach out to you to schedule your child’s testing and placement session. After evaluation, a parent interview will be set that allows us to get to know your family better. Within just a few days, you will receive a notice of acceptance if we feel your child will thrive at the Rock Academy. We welcome questions at any time throughout the process to ensure you have the answers you need.

Ensuring a child is a good fit for the school is beneficial to the child, the family, our teachers, and the other students. Our hope is that every child who is accepted into our school will feel at home and thrive. If your child is not accepted, in most cases we simply feel we do not have the resources needed to help your child be a success within our environment. Making this decision prior to enrollment helps prevent greater struggles down the road.

The Educational Support Program at the Rock Academy offers individualized academic plans for students in grades K-12 who are challenged with mild learning difficulties. Students benefit from a personalized combination of classroom, small group, and one-on-one instruction. Students are taught through a multi-modality learning environment supplemented with strategies designed to meet their specific academic learning needs.

While the Rock Academy is a Christian school, not everyone who attends our school is a Christian. Biblical beliefs and a Biblical worldview are interwoven throughout all subject areas, and all faculty and staff profess the Christian faith. We don’t ask all families to acknowledge the Christian faith, but we do ask them to support and respect the teachings we hold dear at our school.

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