Continuous Enrollment FAQ’s

What is Continuous Enrollment?

The Rock Academy is pleased to offer continuous enrollment from the time a student is enrolled through graduation from the Early Education. A Continuous Enrollment Contract means that a student is automatically re‐enrolled for the subsequent school year, and will be charged the annual registration fee, unless the parent informs the school otherwise through the Early Education Change of Status form.

How do I know what tuition I will be paying each year?

Tuition Rates are determined in February and posted online in March. Families will additionally be notified of new rates during designated opt-out timeframe.

What if we plan not to return?
You may complete a Change of Status and submit via email to the Academy Business Office before the deadline April 1st. The non-reimbursable registration fee for the following school year will be charged to your account in April. Business Office contact is

What if we need to withdraw after the “opt-out” deadline?

Your registration fee is non-refundable, however, you may still opt out by July 1st to not be charged any tuition in August. For withdrawal after July 1st, you will be subject to the terms in the Continuous Enrollment Contract and any updates in the Parent Student Handbook.