Our curriculum has been intentionally developed and implements sequential expected student outcomes that are developmentally appropriate and enhance a child’s growth. It is researched based and aligns with the California Infant, Toddler & Preschool Learning Foundations, California’s Desired Results Developmental Profile, ACSI Accreditation standards, and California’s Kindergarten Standards. It incorporates nine domains of learning which include: spiritual, social, emotional, language & literacy, math, creative arts, science, physical (fine motor & gross motor), and health. It is based on sound biblical principles and provides opportunities for children to achieve their optimum development

We believe children learn best in a play-based environment where readiness skills are taught through a balance of hands-on, self-directed and teacher directed activities.

Our environment promotes age-appropriate exploration, discovery, self-awareness, social interactions, problem solving, critical thinking, and meaningful experiences. We cultivate skills and attitudes that contribute and lead to success in everyday situations in life.