We believe as The Rock Academy Science Department that to study the physical and life sciences is to explore and better understand God’s Creation and therefore the nature of God himself. As God has designed us with an innate desire for knowledge and truth, we designed this department around fundamental principles that specifically foster this God-given character.

In light of this, we believe it is essential that we educate the whole student, and make hands-on activity and spiritual reflection integrated pillars of our academic instruction; meaning that our science content instruction is always imbedded with investigation, laboratory experimentation, and comprehensive collaborative projects, while scientific topics are never separated from their spiritual significance. In order to teach the whole student in this manner, we seek not to lecture with endless scientific facts, but to build relevant transferable skills for the future. We focus on the fundamentals of inquiry (the “how” and the “why”), logic and reasoning, data interpretation, and fluent oral and written expression of ideas as emphasized by our English Department.

Our teachers use a directed inquiry method that facilitates engaging and stimulating whole-class discussions. This method bridges the gap between pure lecture and student-directed inquiry for a more efficient and diverse array of academic instruction. Students are held accountable to demonstrate the development of their skills and knowledge on exams, activities, and comprehensive group projects. We believe it is this one-two punch of effective instruction and high-level comprehensive assessment that provides the framework and follow-up to ensure student engagement and long term student achievement.


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