The Rock Academy Bible department strives to build tomorrow’s leaders through a spiritual foundation in Biblical studies. From an introduction to the Living Word, to missional application while serving God’s people, our focus is to build community-servant leaders who can define and defend their faith in today’s challenging society.

Community Service:

Being community service minded is a core Expected Schoolwide Learning Result (ESLR) for all students at the Rock Academy. As we strive to be more and more like Christ, we want to emulate Him according to Mark 10:45 “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.” The Community Service Program hopes to instill this same life-long passion of service to others in every student. Community Service projects for K-6thgrade are facilitated through classroom outreach projects in each grade. The requirements for 7th – 12th grades are as follows:

7th Grade = 10 hours

8th Grade = 10 hours

9th Grade = 20 hours

10th Grade = 30 hours

11th Grade = 30 hours

12th Grade = 20 hours

v. All positions must be conducted in a solely volunteer (not paid) capacity.

v. Approved projects include, but are not limited to:

‧ Church custodial work

‧ Sunday service volunteer (parking, children’s ministry, usher/greeter, etc.)

‧ Church home visitations

‧ Hospital volunteer

‧ Nursing home volunteer

‧ Senior citizen help

‧ Preschool volunteer

‧ Youth Group leadership

‧ Young Sports or Drama Clubs (not as a member)

‧ Tutoring

‧ Literacy programs

‧ Missions trips sponsored by a church, Miles Ahead Ministries, TRA, or other approved groups

‧ Non-profit organizations

‧ Political campaigns

v. Students are encouraged to earn all or part of their hours during the summer prior to the year they are entering.

v. Each student must fill out a Community Service Plan Form and turn it into his/her Bible teacher by the end of the 1st quarter. This assignment will count toward 25% of the 1st Semester Bible grade. Feel free to include hours already completed in the summer as part of this plan.

v. Each student must turn in a Community Service Verification Form for each service project signed by the adult supervisor or agency and write a two-page Community Service Reflection essay at the end of the year contemplating their entire year’s service experience. The student should turn in the service hour forms and the essay to his Bible teacher. This will count toward 25% of the student’s second semester Bible grade.

v. All hours must be complete and turned in by the second to last week of Bible class for the school year.

v. Additional hours are welcome and encouraged for college entrance. To properly show hours on transcripts, seniors are encouraged to turn in all hours by the end of the first quarter grading period!

Class Offerings:

Junior High:

7th Grade – The Character of God

8th Grade– The Word is Truth

JH Worship Leadership – By Audition

High School:

Bible 1 – The Life of Christ

Bible 2 – Old and New Testament Survey

Bible 3 – Biblical Interpretation and World Religions

Bible 4 – Personal Faith and the Mission Field

HS Worship Leadership – By Audition


Community Service Plan Form

Verification Form