Taylor Fox

AP Psych | AP Mod World Hist | Music

Ms. Fox is a San Diego native with an immense passion for education and aiding students in figuring out what they want to do with their lives! She whole-heartedly believes in individuality and teaching based on the specific learning styles of her students. Ms. Fox is an awesome individual that strives to always have a “glass half-FULL” attitude. She comes to us from Gompers Preparatory Academy, where she has taught AP US History and AP European History for the past year. Aside from being an ACSI certified teacher, Ms. Fox is also a life-long learner. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Anderson University, a Master of Education in Curriculum Design from Concordia University, a Master of Arts in Social Studies Instruction from Alliant International University, and is currently working on her Doctor of Education in Curriculum Creation with Liberty University. Ms. Fox has no plans of stopping her own education anytime soon!   Ms. Fox specializes in Military History, but enjoys teaching all humanity courses, from history to English to Psychology and more. She also has a deep love of music and theater instruction, growing up dancing and singing herself! Her early career was in full-time performing instruction and full scale show direction. She believes that God has given her this passion to share with others.