Scott Bash

MS History | MWH | Gov | US Hist

Scott Bash teaches the middle school students history, government, and economics. He believes that a teacher should not just be an “explainer”  of content, but rather needs to be a guide that shepherds students through a critical period in their life. Mr. Bash will teach more than names and dates. He will use history as a vehicle in which he can teach critical thinking skills, problem solving and open mindedness. He is passionate about helping students to understand the world around them as they become adults. He does this by ensuring each student feels safe and comfortable when they are in the classroom. He wants the students to know they can freely learn, investigate and even fail, because failure is where we learn the most in life.   Mr. Bash uses his sense of humor and outgoing personality to make the classroom a light, fun place which encourages students to try things they might not otherwise try.