Romeo Horn

Speech/Health | Conceptual Physics | AP World History | Boys Physical Education

We are thrilled to welcome Mr. Horn to our Academy. He has been teaching the past six
years at Gompers Preparatory Academy which is an impressive independent charter school in San Diego. When I visited Gompers, the students stood as I entered the classroom to
show their respect for the visiting Principal. He played cornerback at San Diego State
University and brings his heart for teamwork, determination, positivity, grit, joy, and
playfulness to our team. With a genuine passion for learning and spreading knowledge,
Mr. Horn is an extremely rare educator who can teach high-level math and sciences —
and humanities! While keeping education “fun, but serious, but fun” in a safe and
welcoming environment, one of his favorite parts about teaching is helping students experience the “Ah-Ha” moment. Mr. Horn will generate excitement and engagement and lead our students to learn more about the complex world around them thereby  strengthening their walks with God. He is also the proud dad of Miles and Malia who are beloved Rock Academy students. Mr. Horn will have a full-load teaching boys PE, Speech/Health, Conceptual Physics, and AP World History.