Nancy Lie-Oh

6th Grade Teacher

Mrs. Lie-Oh‘s greatest passion and love has always been caring for and teaching children and adolescents, and it is an immense honor and blessing to be a 6th grade teacher at the Rock Academy this year. Mrs. Lie-Oh lived in California before heading to New York to attend Cornell University, where she majored in English, then NYU, where she received a Master’s in Global Affairs. After a stint in journalism, she relocated to Seoul, Korea to work for the Telecommunications branch of the South Korean conglomerate, SK. In Korea, she met her husband and embarked on a Ph.D. in International Relations at Seoul National University. She completed her doctoral coursework and lectured at another university while raising their three young children. After ten years in Korea, Mrs. Lie-Oh had the opportunity to return to the US and live in San Diego, where she was finally able to pursue her teaching credentials in Social Science, English, and ESOL (Single Subject), as well as Elementary Education (Multiple Subject). During this time, she was also able to teach at an independent school in San Diego. God then surprised her with His awesome timing and omniscient planning by giving her the opportunity to become a teacher at Rock Academy – where her children, Nathanael, Theodore, and Evangeline (Nate, Theo, and Evie), attend. Mrs. Lie-Oh is very excited and thankful for the chance to do what she loves with such amazing students, teachers, and administrators in such a God-loving, nurturing, and accepting environment. She is a very active person – meaning she is always doing something, whether it’s cooking, going to new places with her kids, or Pilates – and believes in working hard, trying your best, being kind, being adventurous, and accomplishing your dreams.