Jill Carey

1st Grade Teacher

The moment Ms. Carey stepped into her Introduction to Education course back at her undergraduate college she fell madly and deeply in love with the art of teaching. Everyday, she is inspired by the individuality, the unique ideas, and the spirit of her young learners. Whether it be the teenagers she taught in Middle School back in Michigan, to the kiddos she guided through kindergarten during her Master’s Program, and now to the 1st graders here at The Rock Academy, she is constantly in awe of what young learners are capable of doing, saying, thinking, questioning, creating, and learning with a little guidance and support from a teacher who loves and cares for them. In a world where young children are bombarded with images that promote negativity, self-doubt, and even fear, Ms. Carey believes in an education backed by a celebration of vulnerability, supported by the belief that mistakes are what make us stronger learners, and encouraged by words of growth, grit, and courage. A growth mindset can change a student’s pathway far beyond the walls of the classroom.