Jennifer Dean


Ms. Dean’s God-given passion is education. As a passionate, dynamic educational leader her goal is to facilitate a love for learning in an academic environment that provides rigor, intellectual dialogue, high level of engagement, fun and meaningful academic experiences that address the whole child. Ms. Dean is acutely aware of the pressures that today’s teenagers face and it is her heart’s desire to come alongside students and their parents as they navigate the world spiritually, academically and socially. Ms. Dean knew that when she walked into her first college-level education class that it was her calling to work in education. Students today often feel lonely or ignored and in teaching middle school it is vital to build positive relationships and acknowledge every student personally and academically. To love and encourage people is Ms. Dean’s “jam.” It is Ms. Dean’s greatest joy to serve her students, families and school community in order to prepare God-focused leaders and future-ready students who can engage in critical thinking, compassionate Christ-centered relationships and that they realize that the world is their classroom.
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