Jenna McClelland

Geometry | Pre-calculus | AP Statistics | Hip Hop Dance

One of Mrs. McClelland’s great passions in life is to invest in the lives of young people. In the
classroom she tries to use her energy and enthusiasm in a way that makes it exciting for
students to come to class everyday. In addition to the curriculum, she will pass along important life skills that our students can use throughout their lives, to include effective study habits and personal responsibility. Most importantly, Mrs. McClelland desires that her students can come to know and love Jesus Christ and live the life that He has for them as outlined in the Bible. She comes to us from Rocky Bayou Christian School in Florida where she taught upper division math classes and hip hop dance. She is a former Division 1 Athlete who leads with high energy, value for team building, and a high regard for solid integrity. As the daughter of a military servicemember (her dad will retire in August after 36 years in the Navy!) and the wife of a military service member, Mrs. McClelland has a strong sense of duty and first-hand knowledge of the sacrifices made by our military community. She will teach Geometry, Pre-calculus, AP Statistics, and Hip Hop Dance. We love her already!