Darnell Uhland

Elementary P.E. Teacher

Mr. Uhland is here to serve. Anyone who has attended any of his camps, after school program, or joined in at a Friday assembly knows his Rock Academy school spirit and influence run deep. Working in Christian Education for over ten years, Mr. Uhland strives to have students be strong and courageous in all that they do and to not be afraid to utilize their unique creativity. Primarily serving the students in the elementary school, he recognizes the importance to mentor students in all grades. Mr. Uhland is committed to promoting a Warrior spirit in all of the students and he creates opportunities for middle school and high school students to serve in our after school program and camps. As Director, his goal is to provide an environment where children can lead by serving others in a safe and energetic matter. During the school day, whether he is in chapel, Co-Lab, or making videos, Mr. Uhland desires to see the students grow spiritually, mentally, and socially.