Bud Wenzel

Dean of Students | HS Bible

Mr. Wenzel is passionate about equipping and inspiring students to pursue their own journeys of faith. As a church pastor for over 25 years, he desires to create an environment of trust and acceptance where students are free to wrestle with difficult questions. Mr. Wenzel believes the Bible provides meaningful, real answers for all circumstances of life. He aims to foster curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking no matter the subject and desires that students cultivate a solid foundation and personal passion for the Word of God. Mr. Wenzel is driven by the belief that teaching is more than just dispensing information. Teaching is only successful when actual learning is happening. This inspires him to be relational and creative in his teaching. He has fun with students and finds incredible joy in getting to know them, caring for them, and coming alongside them. He always says, “Teaching and learning are found on the same pathway…the pathway of real life.” He has three successful and faithful daughters, two of which attended the Rock Academy: Claire and Allison (Class of 2012).