Amy McCutcheon

Financial Controller

Amy was born and raised in Orange County, CA. She is the third of six kids in her family and grew up in a Catholic/Christian household. She attended Azusa Pacific University majoring in Business Management and minoring in Psychology. From an early age and throughout her youth, Amy has had a heart for the less fortunate. Amy has been involved helping the homeless and displaced with organizations such as Corazon, the Catholic Worker in Santa Ana, Project Achieve in Long Beach and the Isaiah Project in San Diego. She has also played active roles in Children’s Ministry and was instrumental in starting a preschool children’s ministry class at her last church here in San Diego.

Amy has always worked in some type of bookkeeping or accounting position beginning with the family business at the age of 14, doing payroll and cash reports for her parents convenience stores to bookkeeping at a Restaurant and later a Land Development firm. Prior to joining the Rock Academy, Amy was running the Accounting Department for an Architectural firm in Costa Mesa.

Amy met her husband, Chad, in 2004 and they married in early 2007. They moved to San Diego at the end of 2009 with their two shelties, Jasper and Cocoa and green-checked conure (a type of parrot), Carona after purchasing a home in Mira Mesa where they currently live. In 2014, the McCutcheon household grew when their son, Jeremy Andrew, was born and again in 2015 when their second son, Owen Matthew was born. Jeremy and Owen currently attend the Rock Academy Preschool. Amy loves being a part of the Rock Academy Family and looks forward to the next phase of growth and achievement alongside an incredible team of educators and staff, partnering with such wonderful families.