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Israel Trip

Israel Trip 2023

Mar 17 – Mar 26, 2023

10th -12th Grade

$4000 per student

Limited to 30 students

Israel Trip 2023

Yes, we are going to Israel! Bud Wenzel has led study tours to Israel for 15 years. There has never been a better time to take students, and we would love to invite your student to join us.


This trip can be one of those pivotal experiences in your student’s life. They will have the chance to see actual historical and archaeological sites of so many stories they have read about in the Bible. Each one will facilitate moments of reflection and inspiration as the Bible comes to life.


Our hope is that this trip can provide the opportunity for our students to connect with Jesus in a more intimate and personal way. The incredible discoveries and transformational encounters in this land can provide students with a much-needed anchor for their lives.

We really hope you will join us!



No, Israel has dropped vaccine requirements for entry. Our students will not even need a negative test result to go. Of course, things could change if there are any new developments or outbreaks.

Yes! We won’t be traveling anywhere that might put our group in danger. Mr. Wenzel and his team of in country contacts will keep a close eye on any developments. If it becomes unsafe in any way, the trip will be canceled.

Ultimately, it depends on how many students will be going. In all likelihood we will have 30 students which means we will have 7 adult chaperones plus an Israeli guide.

Yes, this trip is highly structured and planned carefully to keep students very busy. They will be under close supervision of Mr. Wenzel, Mrs. Glenn, and adult chaperones at all times.

The food is amazing! We will have extensive daily buffets for lunch and dinner that include delicious fresh fish, breads, salads, fruits, meats, vegetables, humus, yogurt, etc. Please note: If you have any food allergies or specific dietary requirements, please let us know. We can make accommodations.

Most expenses are covered in the trip price. Students will need money for lunches and any souvenirs and incidentals. Please know that Mr. Wenzel is well known for wanting to stop at every ice cream stand along the way. As a general rule, we recommend for students to plan on $15 – $20 per day.

We will be in Israel during the transition between winter to summer. For the most part, the weather will be beautiful and pleasant. It’s not too unlike San Diego. It may get hot (80-90) in the dessert and slightly cool (50-60) in the higher elevations. It is possible to have a small amount of light rain here and there.

Yes, we will have informational meetings throughout the year. These meetings will prepare students by talking through details (itinerary, what to pack, what to expect, expectations).

At this time, we are filling up the 30 spots with students. If we do not get enough students to fill all 30 spots, we will open up the invitation for parents. Please feel free to email Mr. Wenzel if you want to be put on the waiting list.

Yes! We will have daily social media posts, pictures, and video blogs sharing about the student’s experiences. Parents and family will be able to follow the journey day by day.

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