Catalina Buenviaje : Two's Teacher | 619.764.5205

Catalina Maglaqui Buenviaje (Lina) was born and raised in Dau Mabalacat, Pampanga, Philippines. She has two brothers and one sister. She has been married to Joseph Albano Buenviaje for 23 years. God has blessed them with six beautiful children. Xyra recently married Steven Stewart; they are both in the Marines. Her other children are Joseph Jr., Cathy Joy, Jovi May, Joselin, and Jolie Anne.

Her husband, Joseph, is an US Naval Chaplain on the Cape Saint George in San Diego at his new duty station 32nd Street Naval Base. Catalina and her family’s time in San Diego has come after living in Guam in 1993, San Diego in 1996, Jacksonville, North Carolina, in 1999 and Jackson, Mississippi, for her husband's seminary schooling. This is where she experienced how God worked miraculously by providing for the family while her husband was in school and worked part time. Catalina worked as a librarian at that time and after a year God moved her into an assistant supervisory position.

Catalina says she doesn't know how she did it, but she is thankful that Jesus promised us that He will never leave us nor forsake us. Catalina has taken comfort in the Lord’s presence ever since she surrendered her life and accepted Jesus as her Lord and Savior in December of 1981 at a Young People's Retreat in Moncada, Tarlac. This is where she came to the altar and asked God for forgiveness. Lina says that the Christian life is not always easy, that there are always temptations, trials, and problems around us but thank God she always has the victory in Jesus.

Catalina is now pursuing her Bachelors Degree in Christian Education at Andersonville Theological Seminary. Lina had never worked in preschool prior to coming to work at the Rock Academy Preschool in 2009. Since she has been here, she truly has enjoyed working with young children.

Kate Lorson : Preschool Floater | 619.764.5205

Kate was born in beautiful San Diego and raised in the Episcopal Church.  When she joined her first Christian fellowship she accepted Christ as her personal savior.  Not long after she was baptized (in true San Diego fashion) at the beach.  She attends both the Rock and Horizon Christian Fellowship.  On Saturday mornings you can always find her working at the Rock Thrift Store.

Kate has been married for 17 years to her best friend Ron.  They have a son and a daughter who keeps them very busy with school activities, football, weight lifting, guitar lessons, and (most scary of all!) driving lessons!

When Kate attended college the first time she wanted too much too soon and dropped out.  The second time she graduated with her Associates degree in Child Development.

Kristina Jerry : Pre-K Teacher | 619.764.5205

Kristina Jerry was born and raised in Orange County, California. She was blessed to be raised by both of her parents in a loving Christian home. Kristina accepted Christ in her life at the age of seven. Kristina has been married for 5 years to Irvin Jerry a high school teacher and assistant college basketball coach. Kristina and her husband began searching for a new church home in 2009 and God had called them to the Rock Church. Kristina and her husband were blessed with their first child, Isaiah in April, 2010.

Kristina has a love and passion for teaching young children and helping mold them through their educational journey. She has had 8 years of experience teaching preschool, she has also been a substitute teacher for elementary, and has 4 years of experience as a social worker for individuals with developmental disabilities.

After being a stay at home mom for a year and a half with her son it was time for Kristina to head back to work, when praying and looking for a job, Kristina felt like the Lord was calling her to work with the children at the Rock Academy. Kristina was hired to teach the 2 year olds at the Rock Academy in November, 2011. Working at the Rock Academy, Kristina gets to share her love for God with the children she teaches on a daily basis.

She has two older sisters and a twin sister.

Kristina has her Bachelors of Arts degree in Liberal Studies and has completed several units towards her teaching credential and Masters in Education.

Lori Charles : Preschool Teacher | 619.764.5205

Mrs. Lori grew up in Ohio and ventured out on her own at age nineteen. After traveling for two years, she settled in sunny San Diego. She worked in the food service industry, catering, and as a tour guide. Then, after attending college, she started her career in Early Childhood Education. Mrs. Lori believes that it is a gift to teach little ones. She especially loves to see their faces when she shares the wonders of Jesus.

Lori tried various churches seeking God before coming to the Rock and finding her spiritual home. She knew something was missing in her life. Her true moment of salvation was at naptime for the children in her classroom. Lori was reading her bible and “The Hour That Changes the World” by Dick Eastman. This was definitely the hour that changed Lori’s life. She felt the Lord calling her and she got on her knees and prayed to the Lord to come into her life as her only Savior. She knew the Lord had kept her close during some tough times growing up and as a young adult. Lori says she knew that she owed the Lord her life. She was now ready to fight for the Lord and her desire to please Him has not wavered. Lori continues to grow by studying God’s Word and being active in the Rock ministry.

She cherishes the support of her ever-so-patient husband, Jack, who she finally let retire after 36 years of teaching in the Grossmont Union High School District.

Together, they have a beautiful daughter Dayna, and three wonderful sons Jeff, Brian, and Ryan. All the boys are married, and the two oldest are very busy and have blessed Jack and Lori with three grandchildren, so far! The family enjoys traveling and living near the beach.

Mrs. Lori believes that her family and being part of the Rock family have been some of the best gifts from God, and words cannot describe how thankful she is for her life as it is today.

Nancy Bastide : Preschool Floater | 619.764.5205

Nancy Bastide, known as Ms. Nancy, was originally born and raised in New York City. She was raised Catholic. She attended church with her mother and siblings every Sunday, come rain, shine or snow! As she grew into adulthood she drifted away from church with a feeling of emptiness, like there was really nothing there. Only in her heart, the good Lord remained in her constant prayers. Deep in her heart she knew that the Lord had a plan for her, and it had to do with children. The youngest of her family, she did a lot of caring and helping raise her sisters’ children. Once she had a child of her own, she decided to study Child Development and became a preschool teacher. But that stopped abruptly when she took a trip out here to California. Nancy says she loved it, and then moved here.

Her move to California ended up with her having many different jobs including nine years in Army Administration and as a First Cook. Nancy also did four years building airplane parts, which had to come to an end when she had to switch careers due to carpal tunnel syndrome. This change sent her back to child development and that was nine years ago. She loves it and thanks the good Lord for His direction to the right path.

Nancy came to the Rock Academy Preschool a little over two years ago as a substitute working as a floater. She was born again here at the Rock Academy preschool and she knows that this is her calling. Nancy was hired as a teacher here at the Rock Academy Preschool in September of 2008. She plans on continuing her education in child development and is so pleased and grateful to be working in such a great place where staff, parents, and children are servants of the Lord. She is truly grateful and feels very blessed.

Nympha Curl : Preschool Teacher | 619.764.5205

Nympha was the last of seven children born to Lucio and Anania Botron. She was born in a small house in a remote village of the Philippines without electricity, running water and without a doctor’s care. Her family moved to the city when she entered high school. Nympha was raised Catholic and attended an all-girls Catholic school. At an early age Nympha learned to trust God for everything and to follow his commandments. She worked as a student assistant in order to finish college for free tuition at Aguines University, Philippines. Nympha graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in Education majoring in Liberal Science. Nympha was the first in her family to graduate from college.

Nympha met her husband, Guy Curl, at a bus stop while he was visiting a Christian Bible College in the Philippines. It was love at first sight between the two, and Guy knew he wanted to win her heart and at the same time he knew he had to share Jesus with her. Nympha received a Bible for the first time from Guy and became a born again Christian. Nympha is thankful to God for her husband leading her in the right direction to Christianity.

Nympha came to America in April of 1991. God blessed Nympha and her husband with three handsome sons, Jerel, Jediah and Jovon. When Nympha’s children were young, she didn’t know what kind of job she could do and still be with her children. Then her home church opened a preschool called Little Lamb Land Christian Preschool, and Nympha decided to take child development classes at Southwestern College in Chula Vista. Nympha worked at that preschool for six years. She then worked one year at Children’s World and four years at a Montessori preschool.

Nympha was very happy when she was hired in September 2010 at the Rock Academy Preschool; she felt blessed to be in a Christian environment again. Ms. Nympha is very active in her home church called Christian Life Center where she is a Sunday school teacher of Pre-K children and also involved in the usher and greeters ministry. Nympha enjoys nature “God’s Creation” and listening to gospel music.

Rebecca McKinney : Two's Teacher | 619.764.5205

Rebecca was born in San Bernardino but was raised in San Diego. She has six sisters and three brothers. Rebecca is an identical twin. Both her parents worked weekends, so her family didn’t attend church regularly. When Rebecca was 12 years old she started to attend church with her older sisters. At the age of 12, Rebecca accepted Christ as her savior.

Rebecca has always had the desire to work with children. As a young teenager Rebecca would babysit in her free time. Rebecca is currently attending Mesa College to receive an associate’s Degree in Child Development. She began working with children immediately after high school. She is new at the Rock Church, and is enjoying the opportunity to work with the children and teach them about Jesus!

Thanh Pham : Administrative Support | 619.764.5205

Ms. Thanh grew up in an environment where her family and her whole community were Buddhist. She came to know the Lord through a co-worker when she invited her to the Rock Church in July of 2003. She continued to attend the Rock sitting quietly at the back of the church for a year listening to Pastor Miles sermons and wondering if this is going to be another “religion” that claimed to promise her peace, love, harmony and a purpose for her life. It was through one of Pastor Miles' sermons that God soften her heart when he said, “Christianity is not a religion. It is a personal relationship with God”. Then and there God took a hold of her heart. That’s what she had been hungry to hear, “a personal relationship with God”. In August of 2004 she asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior. But God promised her more than that. God promised her a Father figure that she had always missed. He promised to love her unconditionally, to always be there for her, and to carry her burden when her parenting responsibilities become overwhelming for her. He promised that He will never forsake her.

Since the day she gave her life to the Lord, she has been taking spiritual growth classes including “Caring for People God’s Way” at the Rock U. She has served in Pebbles Pathway and in the Rock Pile. She also attends Bible study at Sisters-In-Christ. The classes and Bible study have deepened her relationship with Christ.

Ms. Thanh had been in the field of child development for 13 years. She loves working with preschoolers.

She is blessed with two sons and a daughter. Her prayer for them is that they would come to know the Lord.