Behold your God presents factual content and personal application material. It’s a study of who God is described as in scripture. Students will understand biblical theology, and they will also be challenged to better reflect God’s character with their thoughts, speech, and actions.

Leadership and Apologetics seeks to develop character, maturity, and present God’s view of a true leader while also diving into some of the most common questions about life and the Christian faith. The class will go through two different materials. The first material is on leadership called “The Inner Man” challenges the student to develop an awe of God and apply His example of leadership in their lives. The second one is an Apologetics material which explores  how a biblical worldview provides the best explanations for some of the toughest questions in life.

Worship Development provides students a place to practice their musical talent while leading worship. It gives hands on experience leading services and all the behind the scenes preparations. The goal is to have students who develop and lead passionate, authentic worship done with excellence. Worship class is part of our bible classes and each student individually works through Bible curriculum for their grade level.
Worship class rotates through a worship related lesson, Bible component lesson and musical practice/ service preparation. We lead worship weekly and for school events.