All courses fulfill the Visual/Performing Arts F Requirement for the UC System.


Art in Focus

This course is designed to continue the student’s knowledge of techniques, philosophies, and history of art. Students will create advanced art projects while learning about famous artists, art movements, and art terms. By the end of this course, students will have expanded their appreciation, knowledge, and studio skills. The Art In Focus course goes in an order of learning the certain styles of art and techniques that helps it all flow together and relate the styles and techniques side by side. Students learn about the color wheel, line drawing, photo montage, perspective, biblical illumination, portraiture, impressionism, social contemporary art, modern art, African masks, Japanese woodblock, European and American art revolutions, and produce related pieces.


Dance Company

As members of dance company, students learn beginning-intermediate dance technique, experience dance production, and learn a variety of dance styles from ballet to ballroom and modern/contemporary to hip-hop. Students perform at school and community events including Disney Performing Arts, the annual spring musical, and family day assemblies.Through the introduction of ballet, jazz, hip-hop, and lyrical techniques, the students will have a working vocabulary of movement that will translate to choreography. In addition, students will have the opportunity to analyze and critically respond to professional performances along with peer reviews. Injury prevention, health, and diet for the dancer will also be covered at the beginning of the course and reinforced throughout the school year.




Students will learn the essential fundamentals of drama including acting technique, character dynamics, improvisation, rehearsal techniques, and artistry. They will also the hands on knowledge of all the elements of making theatre successful, including stage managing, directing, lighting, sound, make-up, costuming, and scenery. Students will learn the history of theatre as well as the many genres of theatre from improvisation to musical theatre, Broadway, Shakespeare, and film. Students will acquire a thorough knowledge of how to be successful and well-rounded thespians themselves through the study of resumes, headshots, and auditioning. Finally, students will culminate their knowledge in this course through writing, directing, producing, and performing in their own theatre project.

Willy Wonka

Peter Pan

Mary Poppins


Visual Communications

Visual Communications offers both an abstract and practical academic foundation to the art of graphic design. Through research, critique and a study of the fundamentals of design the students will express originality and creativity by producing works of visual art. Design lessons in this class will also help with time management, and familiarize students with online tools and interactive websites.