The Rock Church was established on February 27, 2000 by a man who had been radically changed. From 1983 to 1985, Miles McPherson lived the high life as a professional athlete indulging in cocaine and the excesses of the NFL. While playing defensive back for the San Diego Chargers, Miles encountered the Holy Spirit through two of his fellow teammates. They seemed different than the other players and he soon found out why.

Miles’ teammates introduced him to his salvation, and early one morning in 1984 Miles accepted Jesus as his Savior. Miles’ drug habit ended that day, and he would be preaching one year later.

A week after retiring from the NFL, Miles went to work as a youth pastor for Horizon and enrolled in theology school. He received his Masters of Divinity degree from Azusa Pacific University in 1991. Pastor Miles was on staff at Horizon for 15 years, taught Sunday evening service at Horizon for six years, and quickly became known for his blend of accessibility, energy and humor.

The birth of the Rock Church was characterized by a series of small planning meetings that grew from eight people to 128, which, interestingly, constitutes the average size of a church in San Diego.

On February 27, 2000, the Rock Church held its first service at San Diego State University’s Montezuma Hall. The congregation quickly grew, thereby generating the need for increased services and intermittent venue changes.

The Rock Church focuses on reaching out to a wider more encompassing spectrum of people. Accordingly, the Rock studied big churches (such as Saddleback and Harvest) and incorporated the best elements of these churches to create an accessible, safe environment conducive to cultivating an army to save, equip, and send out soul-winners for Jesus Christ.

Leaders of the Rock Church founded the Rock Academy after concentrated prayer over six months. In 2001, the Rock Church formulated a plan to open a new, private Christian school within San Diego. After a long search for accommodations, a temporary location was found to house the school, renting facilities from Calvary Southern Baptist Church in Linda Vista. In April 2002, one administrator and one support staff moved into office space at this school location and began to interview possible students and faculty.

In September 2002, the Rock Academy opened its doors to 38 K through 6th grade students with a stand-alone Kindergarten class, and combination classes for 1st/2nd, 3rd/4th, and 5th/6th, which accounted for one administrator, one support staff, and four teachers. The preschool had one director, one assistant director and three and half teachers. By the end of the 2003 academic year, the Academy had grown to 50 students and one additional support staff, while the preschool gained another 44 youngsters. In September 2003, the Rock Academy opened the 7th and 8th grades as the school continued to expand in students and staff.

The Academy moved to its new home in Point Loma in August 2007 and launched its high school. As of May 2016, the preschool through 12th grade had grown to 405 students!

To God be the glory for the great things He has accomplished to date in and through the Rock Academy.

As a ministry of the Rock Church, we are called to Save, Equip and Send out soul winners for Jesus Christ.

We daily bring the Living Word to students in order to lead them into a personal relationship with Christ; we diligently equip them with the educational, spiritual, social and physical tools needed to become Christian leaders; and we faithfully send them out to carry their faith in Christ to every place God leads them.

The mission of the Rock Academy is to partner with families in leading students into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ while providing a distinguished, well-rounded education.

  • Share the Gospel
  • Educate the mind
  • Send the servant leader

In order to fulfill the calling of the Rock Academy, we strive for reaching the 21st Century Learner in the following areas:

  • An unwavering passion for Jesus Christ
  • Rigorous academics
  • Curricula designed with a Christian world view
  • Competitive athletics
  • Creative arts


Expected School-wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

Keepers of the faith who are:

  • Servant leaders who put their faith into action
  • Christ followers who can define and defend their faith
  • Missions orientated, being God’s hands and feet
  • Individuals showing love, kindness and the value of others
  • Inspirational
  • Modeling the love of Christ through actions and words

Effective communicators who:

  • Utilize spoken, written, and technological modes of communication to effectively send, receive, and interpret messages
  • Interact with empathy and seek wisdom
  • Respond to others with compassion
  • Demonstrate appropriate conflict management (Matthew 18)

Complex thinkers who:

  • Analyze, sort, and draw conclusions from primary and secondary sources
  • Approach inquiry with an openness and desire to solve
  • Think critically
  • Collaborate
  • Are Self-Directed learners
  • Apply and use technology

Productive individuals who:

  • Effectively manage time in and out of the classroom
  • Show self-advocacy and are aware of individual academic learning styles and needs
  • Demonstrate effective leadership skills to foster, develop, and maintain relationships
  • Actively respond to the call of Christ
  • Are nutritionally minded
  • Are physically active